A guide to Raleigh’s street murals

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The Raleigh Murals Project is on a mission to “make Raleigh colorful” by preserving and promoting the city’s public art.

They keep an online record of existing work and have already mapped 30 mural sites throughout the city. You can see the official Raleigh Murals Project Map, which is a thorough and valuable service to the city, below.

In addition to preserving and cataloguing existing art, the Raleigh Murals Project also promotes new projects by pointing out potential blank canvases with the hashtag #putamuralhere, originally penned by New Raleigh in 2014.

To me, the cool thing about Raleigh’s murals is that they’re a dominant, natural fixture in the city. They make a huge statement when they go up but at the same time, they seem to bleed into the fabric of the city as if they’ve been here all along.

But they haven’t been. It takes collaborative, conscious work from the city, the arts community and groups like the Raleigh Murals Project to make Raleigh look effortlessly colorful.

I set out to snap shots of some of my favorite murals, as well as some stylized painted logos that pass as art themselves. Exploring Raleigh’s murals is, hands down, the best way to get to know the city.

Geometric mural

Location: Bruegger’s Bagels, 3510 Wade Avenue
Artist: James Marshall (a.k.a. Dalek)

dalek brueggers mural

Cat mural

Location: C. Grace, 407 Glenwood Avenue
Artist: Lisa Gaither

c grace cat mural

Butterfly mural

Location: The Remedy Diner, 137 E. Hargett Street
Artist: Marlon Ferguson (originally painted in 1922)

remedy diner butterfly wall

Fire escape mural

Location: Death and Taxes, 105 W. Hargett Street (in the back lot on S. Salisbury)
Artist: Luke Buchanan

death and taxes ladder mural

PBR mural

Location: Person Street Bar, 805 N. Person Street
Artist: Scott Nurkin, The Mural Shop

person st bar pbr mural

Quilt mural

Location: Boulted Bread, 614 W. South Street
Artist: Matt Wickwire

boulted bread mural

Shaw University mural

Location: Shaw University, 118 E. Blount Street
Artist: Scott Nurkin, The Mural Shop

shaw university

shaw university 2

Welcome mural

Location: Poole’s Diner, 426 S. McDowell Street
Artist: Luke Buchanan

all are welcome mural

Nasty business mural

Location: AH Peele, 400 Capital Boulevard
Artist: David Eichenberger

ah pence rainbow mural

Won’t grow up mural

Location: Videri Chocolate Factory, 327 W. Davie Street
Artist: David Eichenberger

videri chocolate mural wall

Wonder mural

Location: BLDG Co., 706 Mountford Avenue
Artist: David Eichenberger

bldg co mural

Cycling animals mural

Location: Oak City Cycling Project, 212 E. Franklin Street
Artist: David Eichenberger

oak street cycling mural

Artsplosure mural

Location: N. West Street and W. Edenton Street
Artist: Lisa Gaither

artsplosure wall mural

Deer sidewalk mural

Location: Deco Raleigh, 19 W. Hargett Street
Artist: Jenn Hales

jenn hales sidewalk mural

Cool painted logos

Cup A Joe photo by @maggie_bcorbett via Instagram

Cup A Joe at 3100 Hillsborough Street, photo by @maggie_bcorbett via Instagram

HQ Raleigh

HQ Raleigh at 310 S. Harrington Street painted by Lisa Gaither

Raleigh CrossFit at 15 N. West Street

Raleigh CrossFit at 15 N. West Street

Connect with the Raleigh Murals Project


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