Homemade Holidays No. 4: Huntington Provision’s Dreamy Chocolate Peanut Butter

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Each weekday between now and Christmas, for our series “Homemade Holidays,” we’ll offer one locally made holiday gift idea we love, from clothes and music to beer and art. Got ideas for a gift? Tell us.

Huntington Provision Co.’s Chocolate Peanut Butter
For: The person who loves simple pleasures
Price: $9

I like my peanut butter basic—freshly ground, so that it’s not so creamy it suggests margarine but not so crunchy it’s going to dig into my gums while I eat it. A simple, freshly ground peanut with nothing extra will do just fine, thanks.

So I always approach accessorized peanut butters—you know, the kind with chai spices or vanilla or jelly itself—added with caution. How sweet does it really need to be?

But the chocolate peanut butter from Raleigh’s Huntington Provision Co. seems aimed to excite peanut butter minimalists like me. The grind is perfect, so that it’s smooth enough to spread easily but textured enough so that it does more than smear.

You can tell just from the color that this isn’t some cloying Southern approximation of Nutella, either; it’s light brown, like peanut butter that’s somehow been baked. And that’s a little what it tastes like, too. The peanut flavor is the first to pop, comforting in its simplicity. But there’s a touch of sweetness, too, an early hint of something more.

Huntington's on a delicious Michael's English Muffin, also made in Raleigh

Huntington’s on a delicious Michael’s English Muffin, also made in Raleigh

The chocolate arrives like the sight of fireworks in the distance—pleasant and dreamy, something that you didn’t necessarily seek but certainly adds an interesting element to your day. It’s gone before you know it, too, ceding to the peanut butter at the base.

Huntington is known best for its granola, with its nut butters overshadowed by that product line and the success of Durham’s Big Spoon Roasters. But that’s OK: This chocolate peanut butter seems born to be subtle, and, at that, it’s a complete success.

You can buy Huntington Provision Co.’s foods online, but you can also visit many local retailers, including Standard Foods on Franklin Street, to pick it up in person.

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Grayson Haver Currin
Editor in Chief of the Raleigh Agenda