Homemade Holidays No. 5: Galatea’s Space Brightening Candles

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Each weekday between now and Christmas, for our series “Homemade Holidays,” we’ll offer one locally made holiday gift idea we love, from clothes and music to beer and art. Got ideas for a gift? Tell us.

Galatea’s Scented Soy Candles
For: The people who share your space
Price: $23 or less

Back in October, perhaps even as early as September, a co-worker who I won’t out by name toted a giant green Christmas candle into work, hoping to help spruce up our little cubbyhole of an office. 

The candle may have been seasonally inappropriate, but I must admit, having your work space smell like pinecones or spiced-gingerbread-cider actually does have a positive impact on your mood and your work environment. Our olfactory receptors, turns out, are pretty powerful

It’s almost Christmas and, lo and behold, we’ve long burned through the office Christmas candle. We need a fresh and invigorating smell to get the New Year going. Luckily, Raleigh has no shortage of candlemakers, and one recent discovery is an absolute favorite. Cheryl Fraser—the owner of long-running, eclectic Galatea Boutique in Seaboard Station—makes her own soy candles, and she sells them in her store.


Soy candles are ideal because they’re made from soybeans, a renewable resource unlike the petroleum you’ll find in the paraffin wax candle counterparts. Soy candles burn cleaner (less soot) and last longer. The scented varieties are said to give off a sharper smell, too.

I can’t vouch for that last claim, since the cheap office Christmas candle was mighty aromatic. But Galatea’s candles—with scents like fig-rhubarb, ginger-peach, and orange chili pepper, plus classics such as juniper and rose—delightfully liven up a room. These candles are the perfect addition to any small space in need of a little cheer, holiday or otherwise. 

You can buy Galatea’s scented soy candles for $23 or less at Galatea Boutique at 10 West Franklin Street in Seaboard Station.

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Jane Porter
The Raleigh Agenda's Senior Reporter