Hey, that was fun.

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First, some good news: Yesterday, Pat McCrory conceded to Roy Cooper. No matter your political affiliation, at least it’s nice to have some closure here and begin moving on with the next four years with a new administration in mind. And personally, I have to say I’m pretty excited not to have HB 2’s big rubber stamp living on Blount Street anymore. Sorry, Charlotte.

Moving on: In August, in the first piece I penned for the Raleigh Agenda, I stated that the goal of this publication was “to be a nexus of information and ideas, as suited for doing as for thinking.” For the last four months, I believe we’ve been exactly that, offering guides to the city on a near-daily basis while not avoiding the larger, harder questions that will make Raleigh a better place for all. And the readership and subscriber numbers, as well as the sources that have started to come to us first with stories, have made it clear that a growing number of people agree.

Alas, the Charlotte-based owner of the Raleigh Agenda couldn’t figure out a sustainable business model for this market. Stories about city council and chicken sandwiches don’t really fund themselves. So, yesterday, they shuttered the whole enterprise, canning myself and Jane Porter but at least giving us pretty nice severance packages—and, hey, our laptops! Jane is going to California. I am going to Mexico and, for the time being, to work on my nonprofit.

To be honest, I’m only so bummed about the job itself. I took a chance and learned a lot. But I am bummed that the list of stories I’m sitting on right now (including the guide to Raleigh’s best French fries) won’t have a chance to appear on the Raleigh Agenda. I can say, though, that having seen the writing on the wall during the last several weeks, I’ve already started talks with a dream team of partners to build a locally owned local media source. It will be a while before it happens, but I hope it does. Anyway, thanks for reading. I’m sorry the Raleigh Agenda was so short-lived, but I certainly had a lot of fun while it lasted. Hope you did, too.

See you soon, and be in touch.
Grayson Haver Currin

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Grayson Haver Currin
Editor in Chief of the Raleigh Agenda